Welcome to my Writing 220 Portfolio!

Here you will find my Why I Write, my repurposed and my remediation of my repurposed.

Why I Write: This assignment allowed to explore and evaluate the reasons that I write. At first, I really didn’t know why. I just knew that I like diving into the pages of my notebook and let my my mind guide my hand. I loved the release and sometimes after I read what I had just written I would be in shock. In some sense, this paper is an autobiography and in some sense it discusses the intellectual and academic reason about why I have to write. I learned about myself in the process and I am pleased with the end product of my paper. I start from the beginning of my life and end with what I want to achieve in the future with writing a book about my heritage.

Repurposed: For my repurposed I used my group paper from my Women’s Studies 220: Women’s Health class. I wrote about HIV/AIDS within the community minority women. I wanted to take this paper and cut it down into a magazine feature article. The prompt says that the structure of my essay will depend on the conventions of my publication venue. I learned how to cut, edit, and revise more efficiently in this assignment. I am satisfied with the end result of my magazine article that could be used for the magazine Ebony or Essence, a magazine target at black women.

Remediation: The basis of my remediation is from my repurposed. I am creating an article about a fictional African American girl named Selena who contracted HIV from her boyfriend when she was 16. I am using skills that I gained from my creative writing course I took during my sophomore year and implementing them to create a blog post on the site Blogger. I often wrote stories and I enjoy creating fictional characters and making them come alive. I am pleased with the direction that I took the remediation because the end goal is creating something that will reach a young audience and encourage them to educate themselves about the HIV/AIDS epidemic that is affecting a young minority population.


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